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For several generations we have been producing juicy apples, both sour and sweet, red and green. Everything takes place in the biggest fruit-growing region in Poland, in Grójec district. In our district thousands of fruit farmers take care about the production of apples every day, hundreds of apple-pickers buy apples, dozens of producer groups send apples to all countries of the world and several clusters associate all and promote Polish apples. Apples from Poland is us. We are here for You to taste our delicious apples and through our blog understand how meticulously we take care of the apple production process every year.


The work of producing our apples begins with preparing the soil, fertilizing it with minerals so that the planted trees can develop freely. Then we plant the trees, which we take care of in a very delicate way for three seasons, until finally the apple trees start to bear fruit. This is where the spring process begins, during which before each season we make sure that the fruit is of the highest quality. During the summer-autumn season we harvest the apples, and during the winter season we hand-cut each tree so that it is ready for the next season. Thanks to this, those who had a chance to taste Polish apples can enjoy apples that we take care of all year round.

Red Apples from Poland


Grójec, Poland
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