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Poland produces over 33% of the EU’s apples?

Poland – a powerhouse in apple production!

Poland is one of the largest apple producers in the European Union. In 2023, we produced almost 4 million tons of these delicious fruits, which accounts for over 30% of the entire apple production in the EU!

Although this year’s harvest in the EU was 2-3% lower compared to the previous year, Poland managed to maintain a stable level of apple exports to the world. This is due to the modern technologies used in Polish orchards.

Poland is also a major exporter of apples. In 2024, we also expect to export over 1 million tons of apples to various countries around the world. Our main customers are the European Union countries, but other countries, such as India and Saudi Arabia, are also increasingly buying apples from us.

The stability of supply and high quality of Polish apples make Poland a reliable partner for importers from all over the world. We have a well-developed logistics infrastructure that allows us to quickly and efficiently deliver apples to anywhere in the world.

If you are looking for a reliable and solid supplier of apples, Poland is the perfect choice!

apples from Poland
Idared, size 70-95mm

Why is it worth buying apples from Poland?

      • Poland is the largest apple producer in the EU.

      • Poland is a major exporter of apples – over 1 million tons are sent to various countries around the world.

      • We guarantee high quality and stability of supply.

      • We have a well-developed logistics infrastructure.

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    Additional information:

        • If spring 2024 is favorable for apple orchards, it can bring Poland apple harvest of almost 5 million tons.

        • In Poland, we have about 100,000 hectares of apple orchards.

        • Apple orchards are owned by about 35,800 farms.

        • Apple harvests in Poland in recent years have ranged from 3 to 4.7 million tons


      Source: USDA

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