Apple production in Poland and worldwide forecast

A quarter of EU apple production in 2019 came from Poland, how will that look in 2020/2021 season?

One quarter of EU apple production in Poland

Thousands of varieties of apple are grown worldwide, many of which have been created and selected to grow in varied climates. This has enabled commercial apple production to take place in almost all Member States. A little more than one quarter (26.6 %) of the EU-27’s harvested apple production came from Poland in 2019. The other principal apple-producing Member States were Italy (19.9 %) and France (15.1 %). By contrast, orange production and peach production are much more restricted by climatic conditions (see Figure 10); about 93 % of all oranges and peaches produced in the EU-27 came from Spain, Italy and Greece.


USDA: World apple production in 2020/2021 season

EU production is forecast up over 500,000 tons to 12.2 million, a recovery to historical levels as an on‐year in non‐commercial production more than offsets commercial losses resulting from frost, hail, and poor pollination in most Member States.  Despite an easing of commercial supplies, exports are anticipated to rise 100,000 tons to 1.1 million on greater output in Poland, the EU’s top exporter, as it partially recovers from last year’s damaging frost and drought.

Southern Hemisphere production forecast – WAPA

Regarding apples, the aggregate Southern Hemisphere 2021 crop forecast suggests an increase of 6% (5.090.000 T) compared to last year (4.818.000 T), with increases in Australia, Brazil, and South Africa of 23%, 20% and 6% respectively, a decrease in New Zealand of 5%, and stable figures in Argentina and Chile. The aggregate increased by 2% compared to the average of crops between 2018 and 2020. Chile remains the largest Southern Hemisphere apple producer in 2021 with 1.512 million T, with Brazil in second place (1.130 million T), followed by South Africa (1.013 million T), Argentina (617 million T), New Zealand (547 million T), and Australia (271 million T). Gala remains the main variety (39%), followed by Fuji (14%) and Red Delicious (13%). Export figures are estimated to stabilise at 1.691.562 T, with stable figures for Chile (650.773 T), a 4% increase for South Africa (476.000 T), and a 7% decrease for New Zealand (372.000 T).

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