Three apples from poland

Why should you buy apples from Poland and not from Turkey or Italy?

Poland – the third country in the world in terms of apple production.

Poland is the third country in the world in terms of apple production in tons after China and the United
States and we are very proud of that. However, we are first in the production of kilograms of apples per
person, we produce about 90 kilograms of apples per person where Turkey and Italy produce about 40
kilograms per person, we would like to say that this is because we specialize in apple production. Indeed
Poles are not able to eat all the apples we plant and produce more and more apples in order to bring you
the best apples in the world.

Top quality apples.

The Americans are known for their blueberries, the Mexicans for their avocados, and we aim to be
known for producing the best quality apples. That is why last year Polish fruit growers delivered fresh
apples to 76 countries in the world. According to Eurostat, in 2019, EU27 countries exported 3.309
million tonnes of fresh apples with a total value of €2.088 billion. On the list of EU exporters, Poland – for
the fourth consecutive year – remained the export leader with a share of 29.4 percent. (974 thousand
tonnes for over 327 million EUR).

Flagship product for export.

We focus on the production of apples from Poland, this is our flagship product, from the very planting of
the tree until it appears on your table we take care of the entire production process. In our orchards you
will see well-groomed trees, the whole infrastructure prepared to make our customers even happier
eating our apples.

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